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Thousands of Virginians do not have access to health care.

Our medical and dental teams improve the health of more than 2,000 people annually in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads.

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Last Year, Our Medical and Dental Team Improved the Health of 2,102 people in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads.

For years, people with no insurance have sought medical and dental help in the emergency room. Overloading treatment rooms, patients often walk out with hospital bills that could leave them bankrupt. Many times, their chronic illnesses have not been effectively treated because they require more than an emergency room visit. Without access to a primary care physician, patients never receive preventive health education or information about treatment plans. Although many hoped the Affordable Care Act would resolve this dilemma, thousands of people in our community today are ineligible for an affordable health care plan. They do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Dental care is not even addressed. The Chesapeake Care Clinic is a nonprofit organization established in 1992 to provide medical and dental care services to low-income, uninsured individuals within Chesapeake, Virginia. Chesapeake Care is composed of two entities, the medical Clinic that only serves eligible residents in Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads Dental Center, which serves eligible residents within Hampton Roads. When the need for services exceeded the Chesapeake Care Clinic’s capacity, the board of directors and management embarked on a three-phase capital campaign (will link to page about capital campaign) to fund the expansion and renovation of the medical clinic and to establish the Hampton Roads Dental Center. In 2012, the Chesapeake Care Clinic doubled in capacity. Our network of medical and dental specialists and administrative volunteers, along with our health care partners help us stretch every dollar donated to more than $9.32. Last year, our operating budget of $1.1 million provided $10.2 million in health care services for 2,102 patients. We are one of the largest medical and dental clinics in the region. Our funding stems from a combination of state, federal and private grants, individual donations and by charging our patients a nominal administrative fee. Our current challenge is to complete Phase III of our expansion to meet the community’s increasing demand.

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